About CyberWatch

CyberWatch is the Cyber Intelligence division of Gisul Solutions (Zimbabwe) established in 2017. The CyberWatch Team’s professional services include Cyber Investigations, Background Checks, Due diligence, Pre-employment Screening, Training, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Assessments. 

Our Vision

In today’s technologically advanced world information available online (digital assets) can be more informative and revealing than that compiled from any public records database used by private investigators. An impeccable record doesn't necessarily reflect an impeccable person. Whether you're seeking online evidence in a court case, conducting a threat assessment, investigating a stalker, crypto currency investigation, competitor analysis, or just need a basic background check, let us guide you through the digital landscape. We will conduct your digital reconnaissance and provide the intelligence and analysis needed to make smart decisions. 


Whether you want to train in cyber security, conduct cyber investigations or secure your computer systems and network. We have the right solution for your business.

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The Team

Our team builds on years of expertise in the disciplines of Computer Science, Information Security and Academia

Thomas Makausi
Head of Operations
Tendai Marengereke
Head of Cyber Intelligence